Best Embroidery Machines Available in India

Ricoma TC1201 Single Head Embroidery Machine

Basically embroidery machines india can be broadly classified into 3 broad categories.

Home Embroidery Machines – For hobbyists and beginners

Home embroidery machines generally range between Rs 20,000 to 1,50,000

The best home embroidery machines in India is produced by Brother India Limited.

It has models like FS50 and FS101 as the basic models for computerized manual embroidery. They have 50 and 100 running stitches/embroidery patterns respectively. The higher models include the Brother 440E, brother 750E, Brother NV800 and the Brother 2600

Semi Commercial Embroidery Machines – For boutiques and shops

Semi commercial embroidery machines are usually for the boutiques and tailoring shops. They have a larger frame area, speed and options.

They price range of these machines is from Rs 1,50,000 to 5,00,000

There are quite a few companies available in this range. However the best ones are in order:

Bernina has the bestselling B700 embroidery machine with a 16/8 frame area, which is the most optimum machine for the desired purpose and price. The price of this machine is around Rs 2,45,000

Viking on the other hand has its Designer Ruby Royale which has an enormous 14inch/14inch frame area. This is that one machine worthy of two machines. This is a costly machine, its price is around Rs 4,00,000

Pfaff has its bestselling product Creative 4.5 , this machine too boasts of with a huge 14inch/14inch frame area, this is comparatively little cheaper than Viking. This machine costs around Rs 3,80,000

Brother also has its bestseller the Brother V3. Though this machine is a big hit amongst the Indian crowd, this machine does not reach upto any of the above mentioned machines. This is little outdated model with old technology. There is the Bernina 500 which competes with this machine with a lesser price and bigger frame area and advanced features. The Brother V3 will cost around Rs 2,15,000

Usha on the other hand has decent machines but has a lack of proper service. They usually have a problem with spare parts and proper centres for service. Though the machines come with a good features, the service backup fails to impress the Indian audiences.

Commercial Embroidery Machines – For shops, industries and medium &large scale businesses

There are two types of commercial embroidery machines

  • Single Head : the best single head embroidery machine ever produced so far and can be available in India is none other than Ricoma TC1201. This is a 12needle single head machine with frame area of 48inch/20inch. This is so far the best single head embroidery machine. A dealer from Hyderabad “Sri Dhanalakshmi Enterprises” is the only dealer to supply this machine in the south.

There a few other brands which compete, but cannot beat Ricoma, they are;

  1. Brother : PR 620, PR1000 and PR1050X
  2. Bernina : Happy Series
  • Multi Head : So far the best multi head embroidery machine I have seen is the Feiya 6 head, 12 head and the 15 head machines. These are quite a few in number in southern India. All these machines are again sold by the dealer in Hyderabad “Sri Dhanalakshmi Enterprises” . This dealer has quite some experiance in the embroidery machine industry. I personally bought more than 4 machines and he had always delivered good quality service.

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