Embroidery Machines Hyderabad

Hyderabad has become a hub for embroidery works. The trend for embroidery started more than 20 years back. With many models and companies there has been high competition among brands and dealer’s too.

Few of the best embroidery machines in Hyderabad are

1) Brother V3: It has a frame size of 12inch/7inch and is very popular and most sold embroidery machine in south India. This is an amazing machine for business startups, boutiques and tailoring shops or entrepreneurship. However the model has become little old and many new brands have shown up better features and frame sizes.

2) Bernina B700: This is a model which has come after the very famous Brother V3. The features of this model are such that all the backlogs or cons of the Brother B3 are eliminated. This model allows the users to use editing options, it is capable of doing paint work and cut work. It supports a bigger frame ie. 16inch/8inch frame area. It also has regular sofware updates and also allows the users to use “zari” thread. This is a much more beneficial model as the price difference between both the models is hardly 20-25k.

3) Pfaff creative 4.5: This is the ultimate model in embroidery machines. It boasts of a 14inch/14inch maximum frame area. Such that a whole neck design or an all over can fit into one frame without the user requiring to change the frame. If budget is not a deal this machine is a go for. With the best of class features and built quality this should be a must buy for all the embroidery enthusiast’s.

4) Ricoma TC 1201: This is a total commercial embroidery machine which boasts of maximum frame area of 48inch/20inch. This is a single head machine with 12 needles. The machine is very popular among commercial embroidery users. This is a heck of machine. Bulky and big! It’s such an amazing machine that it is awe inspiring.

Dealer’s of embroidery machines in Hyderabad are :

For brother there are a handful of dealers, however there is only one authorised distributor for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh who also has his business set up in Hyderabad.

The same distributor is the only authorised dealer for Bernina, Pfaff and Ricoma.

Dealer details:

Sri Dhanalakshmi Enterprises

You can find the models listed in their official website:


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